About this item:

Universal dual car charger for charging all USB compatible devices such as mobile phone, smartphone, wireless headphones, speakers, toys, gadgets, etc.


Micro-size charging plug fits perfectly flush with the cigarette lighter, hides it and acts like the car manufacturer for integrated elegance instead of bulky foreign objects when charging the technical companion


Aluminium alloy housing instead of plastic as many standard charging plugs unfortunately, and subtle tasteful lighting with blue LED - small,compact, lightweight and stylish


2ports/ports to charge two devices at the same time so that all are well supplied at the end of the car


24.6 x 20.3 x 48 mm, 16.5 g, 12-24 V input, 5 V output, 2 outputs/ports of 1.2 A maximum output current, 2.4 A max. Output current: 12 W max. Output power.


Product description:


The car charger in a built-in look - micro perfection flush with the cigarette lighter.

The YSONIC Car Charger offers subtle elegance that not only minimalist likes.

Unlike many standard car chargers, our charger plug is neither plastic nor bulky - it has an aluminium alloy housing, fits perfectly into the cigarette lighter, hides it and closes flush with it.

Looks like you have already purchased the car with car charger as a luxurious extra from the manufacturer.

The stylish impression is underlined by the blue LED light for lighting. The YSONIC car charger plug has everything you need but nothing that is superfluous or even annoying.

Despite its micro size, which allows the charger to fuse with your cigarette lighter, it offers two of your electronic companions connection.

Charge any USB-compatible device on the go in the car, whether your mobile phone/smartphone, your wireless in-ears, children's toys, or other gadgets that make your life easier, more enjoyable or beautiful.

We do not want to keep the technical data:

Product size: 24.6 x 20.3 x 48 mm.

Product weight: 16.5 grams

Input: 12-24 V.

Output: 5 V.

2 outputs, each 1.2 A maximum output current.

Max. Output current: 2.4 A.

Max. Output power: 12 W.

2 x USB universal compatible.

Case material: aluminium.

Treat yourself and your car to the YSONIC USB Dual Charger. More style when charging your electronic everyday companions.

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