Bring power to your home during a power outage or recreational activities Using gasoline,the79.7cc champion engine produces 2200 starting watts and 1800 running watts,and will run up to 10.5 hours at 25% load when the 1.1 gallon tank of gasoline is full . With Clean Power (<3% THD) ,a low oil shut-off sensor and a 0.4-quart oil capacity,this inverter's Smart Economy Mode can reduce the electrical load,provide quieter operation,extended engine life and better fuel economy. The power panel includes low oil alarm,overload alarm, and output indicator features"Eco mode" for conserving energy and maximum fuel efficiency,two 120V/20A outlets,one USB Duplex: 5V DC that come in 1 amps and 2.1 amps. Starting Wattage: 2200W Running Wattage: 1800W Engine: 4-stroke 79.7cc OHV Fuel Tank: 1.1 Gallon Run Time: Up to 10.5 hr Product Dimensions: 18.9" x 11.5 " x 17.3" Included Items: Oil funnel, User manual, Spark plug sleeve, Screwdriver 


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